Photos of Kate on High Street!

>Well, thankfully someone was on hand to capture great photos of Kate shopping yesterday.  Whatever else you may say about the Daily Mail, their photos are great, see the article here.

Kate Middleton days before her wedding. Photo from Daily Mail

She is looking thinner these days, but certainly not alarmingly so; most of all she looks radiantly happy!  I think I am more excited about these random sightings than I am of official public engagements.  The look is still Kate Middleton, Issa dresses and hair down, but also moving toward cleaned up princess without the boots.  All around, love, love, love!


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Kate is a US size 6?

>As mentioned in an earlier post, Kate dropped into Warehouse for some shopping and the store immediately cashed in on their celebrity visitor by telling everyone what she bought!  and the size!  Is nothing sacred??  I know this would be the last trip I made to Warehouse were I Kate Middleton, but since I am not Kate, I am kind of excited to hear about it all. 🙂  I wonder if the size report is accurate?
Read the article and see the pieces at the Daily Mail: Four dresses for £225

The Mail photo-shopped the dress onto Kate:

The photo shopping is certainly not perfect, since the dress is considerably shorter on the store model, nevertheless, I like it much better in the photo than I did before.  Much more vibrant– as usual it appears Kate’s fashion sense is spot on.
This is the original photo:

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Kate Middleton Sighting!

>Kate was reported on King’s Road shopping today– usual–but the unusual was that she was reported by the Twitter feed of Warehouse, the store she was shopping at!  They tweeted her purchase which you can view here as well, which strikes me as a crazy breech of privacy.  I wonder if they were looking for a flood of business.  Although I love Kate’s style, the dress has a strange print which looks a little on the drab side for our Princess-in-waiting.

Also in the news is her newly released Coat of Arms.

Middleton Family Arms

The Daily Mail reported the three acorns represent Kate, Pippa, and James as well as strength.  Several weeks ago when details of the wedding cake were released it was also reported that Kate has asked Fiona Cairns, the baker, to put acorns among other symbols on her cake. 
Read the Mail‘s report here.

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Book Review: The Making of a Royal Romance by Katie Nicholl

>With ten days to the wedding it is high time we all got our royal wedding on!  Perfect to do that is Katie Nichol’s Making of a Royal Romance. When Wills and Kate announced their engagement, Nicholl took her book William and Harry and added several chapters exclusively on Kate and updated the conclusion to include the impending wedding preparations.

For those who are new to the scene, it is a great overview of the couple’s relationship, adding a few fanciful details, but not presuming to know things that obviously the public has no knowledge of.  For those of us who have been watching from day one, it is still a delightful overview of the almost decade long relationship and refreshes you on the many newspaper clippings we have been following over the years.

A good read overall.  I have followed Kate and the relationship since its start and enjoyed the book and reminiscing on the many newspaper and magazines I have purchased over the years!.  You will learn a few new things and enjoy getting prepped for the Big Day! 

I think it is humorous that the book that started all about the brothers ended a wedding book, and poor Harry bumped to third.

Barnes & Noble has the book at 10% off for members:  The Making of a Royal Romance: William, Kate, and Harry–a look behind the Palace Walls

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